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Thanks to all who submitted names to our Petit Éléphant naming contest.  We’ve decided on a name (finally!) and are quite pleased to introduce you all to Marcel Z. Éléphant.  Marcel will hang out atop all of our blog posts to keep you company while reading.  His form will also be pressed into all of our soaps, and adorn all of our packaging.

What a cute little elephant he is…

The reader who won is called “Katie!”.  Funnily enough, we first thought it was our Williams-townie friend Katie Kamieniecki who had thought up the name.  We were so very excited and fully prepared to crown her winner and send her the prize.  But alas, Katie K. came forward as not reader Katie!, and we were left in bewilderment–how many readers called Katie are there?  We’ve now come to find that it was Katie Lepi who suggested Marcel, and so she is the one true winner of the contest.  Congratulations to Katie! Lepi! who will will receive a Le Petit Éléphant gift bag full of soaps and other treasures, which we’ll send to her once we commence our soap-making, sometime in late November.

Soaps!  Bags!  Candy!  Stationery!

Tell your friends.  We’re taking orders now for delivery for the holidays.


It’s been raining now for a few hours.  Lots of rain. Super humid and everything’s damp.  The pot garden LOVES it though, and we like it because we won’t have to water the pot garden anytime soon.

What’s amazing is how people are still out and about in the city, even in the downpour.  We drove our friend Sammy to her home in Allston after a nice pizza and ice cream evening here in Belmont, and Allston was buzzing!  The rain was coming down so heavy that I could barely see driving and yet traffic was insane.  People all over, walking around and going to the bars.  For me, the rain is a good excuse to stay in and have a pizza and ice cream evening.  Which is exactly what we did.

Sammy–our good friend from Williamstown who now lives in Bean Town–and Annie, Mark’s sister (who recently got engaged–congrats to Annie and Shehzaad!) came over to hang out and eat pizza and ice cream with us.  Even Gordo got some pizza and ice cream.  We had two kinds of pizza–homemade (or partially homemade, we bought the dough at the Shaws)–plain cheese and garlic/broccoli/artichoke.  It. Was. Awesome.  And ice cream–Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Swirl and… wait for it… JR. MINT.  Yes, I did say Jr. Mint.   Little mini Jr. Mints, mint ice cream, and chocolate sauce swirled together in a fabulously minty and fresh mouthful of yumminess. Also, It. Was. Awesome.

Gordon got to eat the pizza bones and a Frosty Paws doggie ice cream treat, which is really just a frozen cup of peanut butter flavored doggie treat dough.  A little gross, but dogs go nuts for them and ours is no exception.  What a lucky Gordon.

What a fun night.

Yep, it’s still raining.

Anna, with her endless creativity and digital design skills, has come up with a new logo for LPE:

What a cute little one! It is different than our previous logo (which was inspired by a stamp we found a few years back in Northampton) in a few important ways:

1) He has no tusks

2) His trunk turns upward (a sign of good luck!)

3) He is “rounder”

You will notice that this little elephant has already been inserted into our blog banner. BUT… s/he does not yet have a name. Loyal readers, this is where we need your help. Any suggestions???  A prize of Free Soap (when soap-making time comes around… usually before the holidays) will go to the winner.


September 2008

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