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Is it bigger than this, which currently sits next to our parking area?


I included the trash can for reference. That’s about 5 or 5.5 ft. Can you top that? We need photographic evidence (send it and I’ll post challengers).


Anna has gotten us back in full-blog mode, and there’s lots to report on. What a few weeks it has been! Last weekend we were in beautiful (cold) Killington, Vermont with college friends of mine. It’s an annual tradition, thanks to our wonderful host, Jessica. My highlight is always making fires — I love every aspect of it, and it’s not the sort of thing you get to do very often in a city apartment these days. The only minus is having to wash every bit of clothing you brought with you because you smell like a campfire. A small price to pay, in my book.

The spot is almost impossibly beautiful in the winter, as is obvious in this picture:


Hiking in the snow is always part of the weekend, and this year’s snow crop did not disappoint. We were waist deep in many spots. On Saturday, we braved the snow and ice in an effort to cross a raging frozen waterfall. We made it, though my foot slipped back in the icy water. To warm up, the two doctors in our group recommended a few glasses of wine. Done.

Anna and I also did some playing in the snow. A few freeze-frame captures:




We highly recommend this. You will smile like this afterward:


On our way back to Boston, we made a detour through Williamstown. Of course we got purple cow cookies:


Tuesday there was this little national matter that we are just now starting to understand completely. Wow.

Then Thursday, we met Loyal Reader Mark, who’s just taken a new job at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, for a night of Mendelssohn. Guy peaked at age 20, sort of like a college football player who goes pro to early (insert Maurice Clarett joke here). Anyway, it was our first trip to Symphony Hall, and the world-renowned acoustics are as good as described. Thanks, Loyal Reader Mark!

This weekend, we have had the great pleasure of hosting our good friend Darryl, who made the trip from Gambeir, Ohio. For readers who know Ohio geography (there can’t be many of you, can there?), Gambier is roughly 30 miles north of my hometown of Granville. Right in the heart of Buckeye Country. Can you tell I’m just a little bit jealous?

Anyway, before Darryl got here yesterday morning, Anna, Sammy, and I participated in a volunteer event at the Boston Food Pantry downtown with the Williams Alumni Association. Wet met Jessica there, too (as she too had thankfully unfrozen from Killington). For those of you who have never volunteered at a food pantry, it is good and meaningful work. There were roughly 80 volunteers there, divided into two teams on assembly lines. Ours looked  like this:


Within a half hour or so, as task-specialization kicked in, we were operating as a pretty well-oiled machine. Jessica was a loader (lifting boxes off of the pallets onto the line for sorting), Anna and Sammy were first sorters (inspecting the contents of the boxes, throwing out expired or opened products, and discovering the weird stuff that people thought were a good idea to give to a food pantry — pregnancy tests, anyone?). I was proudly the runner, meaning I did a little bit of everything. Like storing the hundreds of mops and brooms we received:


If you have never volunteered at or donate to a food pantry, we’d strongly recommend it. In 3 hours, our group boxed up over 15,000 meals, but the Boston pantry helps feed over 90,000 clients a week. Drop me a line if you ever want to go. As a nice thank you, the Pantry gave volunteers beautiful flowers that had been donated by Trader Joe’s. They are sitting on top of my blogging desk now, and are a great reminder of the cycle of generosity that service creates:


Lots more to report on soon, hope you are warm and well-rested wherever you are.

Today has been rough… and really, I’m just complaining here.  But we’re trying to plan this wedding thing (oh, that thing? that silly little thing? that wedding thing?) and the rooms and the catering and the this and the that and all this stuff that Mark and I really don’t care about is just getting to me.  Price structures and tents and space and cake and blah blah blah!  What we really want is a BBQ.  And frisbees.  And two (two? make it THREE!) kegs of really great beer… and maybe some wine (more wine!) and some good food and good friends and family and the mountains THE MOUNTAINS! and no rain (or maybe a little rain…)!  That’s what we want.  And well, anyway, all the NOT what we want is just getting to me, and freaking me out.  And my dress, I’m telling you, JCrew you are dead.  But anyhow.  My lovely Mark sent me this to make me smile.  And it did.

This warms my heart.  And makes me laugh.

I Heart Guts!.  The idea is fabulous in itself, and is–in itself–a concept that makes me smile and laugh out loud.  But what I really love is this:  the UTERUS PLUSH RECALL!  Oh no!  They’ve recalled the Uterus!  I wish they’d recall my uterus some days… but this is the best… .

“The ovaries may be pulled off and become a choking hazard.”  HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!  How cute and funny and sweet.  What an adorable company, both in what they sell but also in how they’ve handled what could be a very scary thing.  With humor and humility, and care for the consumer.  See this blog (their blog) about the whole mishap.  Great reading.  Love it. Love it.

And sorry we haven’t written in a while.  Hopefully we’ll be able to update soon with all of the events of the past month and a half.

But today, I write only about one thing.  Coldness.  Being cold.  Being frozen.   And though I really want to have disdain for those of my friends who are either living in a warm climate (warm=50 degrees+ in winter) or who are vacationing in a warm climate today, because you’re warmer than I am and can probably see the sun… I will not.  I will not let this blog post be whiny and sad.

I’m trying to be happy.  And thankful.  That I have a warm coat and a semi-warm office to sit in all day.   So in hopes of warming up, I’ll think about the things I love about winter:

Snow. It’s pretty.
Ski socks.
Hot Cocoa.
Snow people/angels/body parts (if you went to a Women’s College, you will remember these fondly, yes?)
Kids in snowsuits.
Pink Night Skies.
Being blinded by the sun/snow.


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