And sorry we haven’t written in a while.  Hopefully we’ll be able to update soon with all of the events of the past month and a half.

But today, I write only about one thing.  Coldness.  Being cold.  Being frozen.   And though I really want to have disdain for those of my friends who are either living in a warm climate (warm=50 degrees+ in winter) or who are vacationing in a warm climate today, because you’re warmer than I am and can probably see the sun… I will not.  I will not let this blog post be whiny and sad.

I’m trying to be happy.  And thankful.  That I have a warm coat and a semi-warm office to sit in all day.   So in hopes of warming up, I’ll think about the things I love about winter:

Snow. It’s pretty.
Ski socks.
Hot Cocoa.
Snow people/angels/body parts (if you went to a Women’s College, you will remember these fondly, yes?)
Kids in snowsuits.
Pink Night Skies.
Being blinded by the sun/snow.