so the next time you’ll hear from us we’ll be in our new digs on Winslow Road…

Things I hate about packing/moving:

  • Realizing how much stuff I have that I don’t use and don’t need but has just been collecting dust in the house as clutter…
  • PACKING PEANUTS!  While useful, they get EVERYWHERE… and don’t even get me started about the environmental stuff
  • Gordon gets sad 😦
  • You think you’re a clean person, until you put everything in boxes and start moving it out… DUST BUNNIES!
  • Being out of the old place by “midnight on June 30”  grrrr…

Things we love LOVE about our new place:

  • A yard for Gordon with lots of sunlight for the plants!
  • Butler’s Pantry
  • Our own laundry! YAY! No more quarters!
  • Quiet, family friendly (don’t get any crazy ideas! It’s just nice to see kids running around handing out invites to block parties), diverse street
  • Open floor plan
  • Still on the 73 bus!
  • Starbucks next to the bus stop!
  • Favourite pizza place within walking distance
  • Many more things… I just can’t think of them 🙂

Catch us in a few weeks after we’ve unpacked and made it our new home.  And if you don’t hear from us in a month… well, we’re stuck under a pile of packing peanuts, cardboard boxes, and newspapers.