And has been all night and day.  We woke up to heavy rain.  Gordon doesn’t REALLY like to go outside when it’s raining, even though he has to GO so badly!  It’s funny especially when he whines and whines to go outside, and then when we actually take him and he gets soaked, he looks up with those sad eyes.  And all I can say is “told you so silly dog!”

I actually love rainy days.  Rainy days are perfect for getting things done.  Or not getting things done. Either way, successful in my opinion.

Rainy days are good for bread making.  They’re good for reading.  Watching football (both kinds), movies or DVR’d recordings of favorite shows.  They’re good for painting.  For writing notes. Or for just sitting down and doing nothing.  I plan to do a little bit of all those things today.

What do YOU like to do on rainy days?