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We leave tomorrow for a long trek west (driving first to Ohio for some pre-Christmas cheer in Granville, then jetting to Wyoming/Colorado for some old west fun) and won’t be back until the new year.  We may or may not be blogging, but just in case we don’t see you all until 2010, we wanted to say happy holidays to all!

Wishing you glad tidings and joy for the season, health, happiness and much love.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!


Anna, Mark, and Gordon


Just in time for the holidays, we’re giving away soaps to a lucky reader of our friend Ronit’s blog, Two Hippos. Read the post and comment at the bottom for your chance to win your choice of two bars of LPE soap.

Ronit is the ultimate crafter, quilter, baker, vegetarian chef — and history Ph.D. candidate — and maintains an awesome blog! She’s giving away eight different gifts from her own collection and those of friends for Chaunukah, so check back each day for more giveaways! And keep reading Two Hippos after the holidays for more of her craft ideas, recipies, and fun things to purchase.

I should be doing my homework for my last illustrator class tomorrow… I have two projects to finish.  A trace of HRH the Queen of England catching a train in Paris, and a map.  Fun stuff. Probably a day or two’s worth of work, due tomorrow night.

But instead, I invite you to look at my cookies.  I made these yesterday.  Baked them I should say, because Mark also helped decorate them.  He was very good at icing the man-shaped cookies with ties and sweaters and buttons.  And creating shiny stars.

The recipe comes from our lovely family friend Tammie A. and it’s top secret.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one besides her that knows what goes in them because she gave me the top-secret recipe and I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t give it to anyone else.  And thus I’m pretty sure that I’m not sharing it here.  The thing is, though… I don’t make them nearly as good as she does.  There’s just something about Tammie’s cookies that I can’t put my finger on but they’re soooooooooooooo good.  And the ones I made are merely mediocre compared to hers, but I’m honored just the same to have the recipe–even if I can’t quite re-create them.  I guess that’s good though.  Part of the reason I think I like them so much is because they do only come out perfectly from her oven. If I could have Tammie A. cookies ANYTIME I wanted them, they probably wouldn’t be as perfectly wonderful, right?

Well here they are… pretty ok I guess.  Almost the same, but not quite:

snowflakes and stars


men with sweaters and ties

blue snowflakes

more snowlfakes and men with buttons


The title explains it all. Gordon seems to do all of the things that “dogs” do, like searching every room in the house for a place to safely store his rawhide bone for later…

All of them.

Thanks to Mark for steering me to this site for House Industries, a type foundry and creator of too many cool things to name.  But mostly, I’m coveting their fonts, like:

I wish they sold gift cards for fonts.  I would buy them all and type type type away.  Fonts fonts fonts.  I like like fonts. Do de do de do.

My faves are Go Long, Didot, Frutiger, Haetttenschwieler, and Futura.  And Garamond isn’t too bad either, as serif fonts go.

What are your favorite fonts?  If you  say comic sans I will have to un-friend you.

You know when Anthony Bourdain talks about food porn?  Well today, this did it for me:

Check out the recipe on the Bon Appetit Hon Blog.

CHOCOLATE! Screaming at me.  OMG. I must make these and soon!  I bet they’d look cute with a few holiday nonpareils sprinkled on them too!

As soon as I’m feeling right as rain, these lovely confections will be baking in my oven.  Came down with a bit of the flu on Tuesday afternoon, but am starting to feel better today having had a couple days of rest, some warm soup, and a few Tylenol cocktails.

On the creativity front, hmm… well… let’s see.  I knitted six more mini mittens, created a banner for my Auntie Jamie’s new Etsy shop (still under construction but coming soon!!) and had a couple visions of new projects (OH NO! NOT NEW PROJECTS!) that I hope – fingers crossed – to get started before Christmas.  We’ll just see about that.  AAAAAND I started planning out my digital portfolio for applying to grad school, which, I must say, is not a fun task.  Whittling down your life’s work into 12-18 pieces of what YOU think is your best work… eghh.  But it must be done, and done by January 15! YEEEEEEEEEEPS!

Ok, I’m off!  Hopefully next time you hear from me, I’ll have my own pictures of yummy chocolate cookies to share.


December 2009

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