I should be doing my homework for my last illustrator class tomorrow… I have two projects to finish.  A trace of HRH the Queen of England catching a train in Paris, and a map.  Fun stuff. Probably a day or two’s worth of work, due tomorrow night.

But instead, I invite you to look at my cookies.  I made these yesterday.  Baked them I should say, because Mark also helped decorate them.  He was very good at icing the man-shaped cookies with ties and sweaters and buttons.  And creating shiny stars.

The recipe comes from our lovely family friend Tammie A. and it’s top secret.  I’m pretty sure I’m the only one besides her that knows what goes in them because she gave me the top-secret recipe and I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t give it to anyone else.  And thus I’m pretty sure that I’m not sharing it here.  The thing is, though… I don’t make them nearly as good as she does.  There’s just something about Tammie’s cookies that I can’t put my finger on but they’re soooooooooooooo good.  And the ones I made are merely mediocre compared to hers, but I’m honored just the same to have the recipe–even if I can’t quite re-create them.  I guess that’s good though.  Part of the reason I think I like them so much is because they do only come out perfectly from her oven. If I could have Tammie A. cookies ANYTIME I wanted them, they probably wouldn’t be as perfectly wonderful, right?

Well here they are… pretty ok I guess.  Almost the same, but not quite:

snowflakes and stars


men with sweaters and ties

blue snowflakes

more snowlfakes and men with buttons