It’s become somewhat of a ritual that in the first days of the new year I purchase a new planner.  In college I liked the spiral kind I could get from the bookstore that I would cover in clippings of outdoor magazine pictures and clear tape.  After I graduated I turned to the Moleskine, partly because I liked the feel of it and partly because, well frankly I thought it made me look smart or sophisticated… it is, after all, the Legendary Notebook.

Today I purchased my 2010 Moleskine Daily Planner:

There is something deeply satisfying about chucking the old year into the recycling bin and starting all fresh and clean, saying goodbye to all the mistakes, the missed opportunities, the things that just didn’t get done last year and having happy optimism about all the new ideas, new tasks, new goals that await in the minutes, days, and weeks to come.  And the smell is nice too.  Fresh pages of paper waiting for my lists and doodles.  Birthday reminders; plans for dinners and meetings; sticky notes and taped-in sketches.  Having this new year of planning doesn’t necessarily make me want to set goals (as I find I often don’t keep to them…) but just the thought of a clean slate of endless opportunities for new and exciting choices, lists, and events to come is exhilarating and uplifting and makes me want to start off the year with some gusto!