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Today begins the 76th Annual Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Course.  No doubt you’ve heard of Tiger’s first official tee time (1:42pm EST today) since his… hiatus… No Doubt, since it’s been the only news (over)played since he announced his return.  For me, I don’t care whether he plays or not but seems to me one might want to spend more time with one’s family after one is caught spending so much time not with one’s family… but whatever.  ANYHOW! This is NOT a post about Tiger.  THIS is a post about the Masters!

I spent many an April weekend watching Masters Tournaments with my dad, a fond memory of growing up.  I remember I had my first golf crush on Ben Crenshaw (I know… he’s old… Gross) when he won in ’95.  And then moved on to Justin Leonard, Ian Poulter, and Padraig Harrington.  I loved watching and then playing, pretending I was good.  I would pretend I was Sergio Garcia and jump around looking for where my ball landed.  Well, I was no Sergio, but I loved all of it. The suspense! The excitement! The glory! The outfits! Yes. Outfits.  Two Words: Jesper Parnevik.

Check it:

That is hot.


I am again excited to be tracking the progress of this year’s competitors, not only on Saturday and Sunday via CBS full HD coverage (you can actually see the ball now!) but via their live streaming video coverage from Amen Corner Thursday and Friday.  Excellent!  Not that I can actually watch whilst working, but I can listen.

AND to celebrate this occasion, I’ve created a special Golf Inspired Etsy Treasury.  Go check it out!  Here are a few of my faves to get you into the spirit:

Par Pillow

Water Hazard

Greens Cards

Anyone have any predictions on the tourney?  My bet is that Tiger either doesn’t make the cut or is in the final pairing with Phil Mickelson but Floppy Phil will take it.



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