I posted this up at my newly launched website, but thought I’d share here too.

I hope everyone gets to go outside and enjoy the fine weather we’re having in New England.  Get out there and enjoy, carefully and with much love, all that Mother Earth has given us to explore.

If you’re in the mood for some Green shopping, might I suggest Vedavoo?  Vedavoo is a wonderful company that builds and sells high-quality, rugged, practical outdoor gear and clothing.  Owner/President/Vedavoo Guru Scott Hunter and I went to high school in Wyoming together, back in the day, and it has been great to reconnect over this venture.  I am very proud to be one of the newest members of the Vedavoo crew as a Graphic Artist, and debuted today in their fantastic Earth Day Celebration roll-out with some other beautiful work by fellow artists Elliot Lang and Jade Lanae Thoempke.  Check out their work at Vedavoo, and while you’re at it order one of the t-shirts or other fun apparel.  Vedavoo prints each one with environmentally friendly inks on 100% cotton T’s as ordered, reducing excess waste and making their footprint just a tiny bit smaller.

Get out and play, recycle that waste, and keep your world a bit cleaner, today and every day.