Welcome to all our lovely new subscribers! And thanks for stopping by. We’re so glad to have you here.

A very special welcome to reader Amy, who wins our snail mail note writing grab bag for being our 5th Subscriber. Seeing as Amy is a writer, I do believe this grab bag may be right up her alley.

Also, boo. Boo to this stupid weather. If you’re on the East Coast today, you’re probably experiencing some nasty sort of spring storm. Just west of here they’re getting up to a foot of snow. Yuck. We’ll get about 2 inches of rain. But I heard there were tornadoes in Florida? Be safe, Floridians!

It’s March 31. What happened to March going out like a lamb? I think it came in like some sort of dolt cow and is going out like a raging bull.

I made this springy Etsy treasury listing a few weeks back that was purely wishful thinking, but I think it still applies, sadly.

O spring! Come soon, please, and rescue us from this droll weary gray world.