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Today on our morning walk we came across a small broken robin egg. Looking closer we discovered it had a baby bird, not yet fully formed, still inside the half-opened shell. The poor thing had fallen or been snatched by a predator and dropped out of its nest. The little bird was maybe half done, big bulbous eyes and tiny body, little wings and feet neatly folded in the fetal position. Afraid it might get squished or eaten, I found a piece of plastic and a stick and scooped it up and carried it back to our house.

I wondered, at first, if it was still alive. I knew it wasn’t likely, that it probably hadn’t survived the fall let alone the time outside its egg. Who knows how long it had been there before we found it. Could we keep it warm? How does the bird even keep growing inside the egg—could I recreate that environment some how? How would I feed it? All these questions of course pointless as the little bird was, I am certain, no longer living.

So I found a spot under the rhododendron bush out front of the house and dug a little hole and laid the little bird with its half shell egg inside. I told the bird it was ok. He would be alright, and he’d come back to earth soon, perhaps as another bird, or something else. His tiny spirit would live on longer than his body did. I covered him up with the dirt and laid a wet leaf over the mound and the stick I’d used on top of it. I said another little prayer then went back inside.

I’ve thought all day about that little bird. How it wouldn’t get a chance to fly or be an early bird for a worm. Did his mama know he was gone? Was she looking for him? Or was this just the way nature works, unfair as it seemed. Nature is at once beautiful and powerful, and often incomprehensible.

This small little bird didn’t have his chance today, but maybe tomorrow. Or some day, years from now. Maybe he’ll be an eagle, or a white dove.


Rainin… Rainin.

Ok, maybe not NEVER… but can you give us just a few days of sun? Please, pretty please?

Is it annoying to complain about the weather? I know, last year I complained about the heat…

Perhaps it isn’t annoying but rather pointless? I mean, what can we actually do about it? Absolutely nothing. Which is why it’s so annoying!

Oh well, today I don’t care. It started raining Friday night, and hasn’t really stopped precipitating some sort of liquid. We’ve seen everything from torrential downpours to thick mist. I really. Am. Tired. Of the rain. The gloom. The cold, enveloping watery veil that seeps into every pore. Yuck.

It’s May, for f.’s sake! Where are my May flowers? Soaked in a puddle, that’s where—all my newly planted daisies and snapdragons are droopy and saturated saying “Enough! Show us some sun!”

I feel squidgy and sowish from not walking to work as I usually do. It’s weird to not walk my 4 miles round trip nearly every day. Walk in the rain!? No way. I’d get to work looking, and probably smelling, like a wet dog. The buses are full and soppy. All the people in there together, we look sad and smushed like marinating sardines. Lots of frowny-faces and frizzy hair.

And speaking of wet dogs, even Gordon doesn’t want to go outside. I tried to take him out last night before bed. It was pouring but he HAD to go out! He got to the top of the stoop and looked at me like “Are you kidding me?” and walked back to the door. I had to drag him by his collar down the stairs where he promptly peed and hurried back inside. Poor guy. Hasn’t had a decent walk in three days which means he’s extra ornery. I’m not joking, he actually gnawed open a carton of chicken stock, spilled it all over the floor, and lapped up whatever came out. We found the empty carton on the floor with tooth marks in it. Darn dog. He needs a good 10-mile run as much as we do.

Oooh poor us. Pity pity pity party. Boo hoo hoo. I know I sound like a whiny baby. I’m TRYING to find the good in this, I am.

For instance, everything now is so green. And so many shades of green I can’t even count them. It is beautiful. Also, the hot water bottle is perfect for rainy nights, and I do love using my hot water bottle. Hmm… what else. I do like the sound the rain makes when it hits the windows. It’s calming and nice. I haven’t had to water the plants outside, and I know when it DOES get sunny, they’ll do so well. AND, the lettuce I planted outside loves the cool and rain. We’ll have a nice harvest of greens this weekend. OHKAY… there are a few good things about the rain. I’m not so sad or jaded, just looking forward to some sun.

And, hey. I did make quite a fine soup yesterday for dinner—a hot cuppa soup IS the best remedy for a chilly day.

Here’s the recipe—I made it up as I went, but it was so easy. I call it:

Easy Veggie Soup with Pasta (deep. really creative.)

2 T olive oil
2 cups of grape tomatoes, halved
1 t minced garlic
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup frozen corn (you could use fresh veggies – I just didn’t have anything but carrots)
1 cup diced carrots (really any veggies you like, up to 3 cups)
1 carton or large can of veggie, chicken, or beef stock
1 small can of tomato sauce (not pasta sauce, plain tomato sauce – Hunts makes a good one)
1.5 to 2 cups water
salt, pepper, spices to taste (I used rosemary)
any pasta you like, boiled to al dente **tip! keep .5 cup of the pasta water after it has boiled and stir it into the soup – gives a rich taste to it!

Pour the olive oil into a large pot. Heat the oil and add the tomatoes and the garlic. Let them get mushy in there, about 5 minutes. Turn down the heat if the garlic gets too brown. Add the veggies and saute them until warm. Add the tomato sauce, the stock, and the water. Let simmer until the veggies are well cooked. Salt, pepper, and spice to taste. Cook your pasta, strain. Add .5 cup of the pasta water to the soup and let simmer a few more minutes. Put a few pastas in a dish and pour the soup over. Eat and be warm.

That’s it. Easy as soup.

If it’s raining where you are, I hope you stay very dry and that the sun comes out soon. If it doesn’t look like it’s going to clear up, I suppose you can hunker down, make some soup, and listen to the rain with a good book and a warm blanket.

If it’s sunny where you are, please send some our way!

Good morning! It’s 4:30am EST and I’m up, showered, and ready to watch the main event.

I’m up with my trusty sidekick Gordon, and we’re liveblogging our view of the pre-wedding fun from our couch here in Watertown. (Mark will join us in a bit… He was up late watching the NFL draft.)

It looks like a lovely morning in London. There’s a huuuuuuge crowd outside Buckingham Palace! I’m so amazed. It’s fun to be up this early. I know my mom is awake (at 2:30am!) in Wyoming to watch. And my friends are up all over Boston.

It’s such a fairy tale. And I can’t help but feel as I and all those millions of other people watching are connected in some way by having gotten up early in our part of the world and watching this all together. I remember my mom saying she woke up early to see Diana marry Charles and then when William was born and brought out on the balcony for the world to see.

Ooooo Posh and Becks have arrived and look smashing. David has a top hat and a Windsor knot AND a medal! And Victoria is wearing a fancy navy dress of her own design and a sweet little hat. Smile, Posh!

The hats, I must say, are fabulous. I’ve seen festooned and flowered ones, and one shaped like some weird pea pod thing. Steven Jones hats and Philip Treacy fascinators.

I’m watching on CNN and the commentary is really funny. Pierce Morgan is great and Richard Quest is hilarious. BTW the buses are not to be called buses, but officially they are COACHES. haha. Oh, you British and your funny names. Pierce keeps chiding Anderson Cooper for wearing a lounge suit and not getting the memo about the morning suit.

Aaaaaand Sir Elton John is here with his partner David Fernish. The crowds out everywhere have little periscopes so to see everything over the head of everyone else.

And there’s the Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife. She looks plain. But it’s a nice change from some of the tacky hats. One blue naughty looking one I saw on a woman with a fresh nose job. Hmm. Don’t think the Queen would approve!

So fun! Hmmm. I’m hungry. Off to find a snack.

Ok back now.

The cameras have moved to view outside Clarence House, which is of course, Prince William and Prince Harry’s house. oooo there they are!! William is wearing his red Irish guard uniform! Harry is in a black uniform. They’re waving to crowds as their car passes down the mall along the procession route. Hopefully Harry hasn’t forgotten the ring. Fun! It’s really happening now!

Oh and this just in, Wills gave Kate a special wedding gift of a signet ring with his crest on it. How sweet.

Here comes the car! Almost there! The crowds are fantastic. Lined up everywhere. Prince William and Prince Harry have arrived at Westminster Abbey. He looks so nervous! Poor guy.

I love the trees in the Abbey. So pretty.

Ok. I think I might have to stop now. Don’t want to take my eyes off the tv now. Too much to see and miss!

Have fun everyone! Enjoy such a lovely day 🙂

And Congratulations to William and Catherine! Many joys to you!


• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •

The ceremony is over now and it was just lovely. Music was pretty and o my Catherine looked so gorgeous. Her dress is just beautiful and her in it, wow. So classic. A real beauty. She wore (and is still wearing) the special halo tiara, a gift to the Queen Mother from King George, before he was crowned. Kate is borrowing as a gift from Queen Elizabeth. Her veil was so lovely. And her sister Pippa’s dress was beautiful. Such a pretty cut and line. Modern yet classic. Everything about the wedding was just that — a nod to history in a modern time.

Now everyone is waiting for the families and the couple to come out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for “the kiss”. They make such a nice couple. So sweet.

All during the ceremony and in their carriage ride along the procession, you could see them mouthing little exchanges during the wedding, private moments in such a public day. Those were my favourite moments from my wedding, the private whispers between Mark and me amongst the crazy of the day, and if I have one wish for Kate and Will, it is that they remember those moments all their lives.

Tut tut, now I must go to work. I’ll be recording all the fun on the dvr and will watch it later. What a nice way, though, to start my day and weekend.

Hooray for Catherine and William! Huzzah!

It’s Sunday morning, 11 am and you know what that means: premier League Football. And we’ve got a fantastic game on this morning—Liverpool FC at Arsenal. The Reds are NOT in red however, wearing their black kits today and looking sharp. let’s start the live blogging! I’ll try my best to keep the game updated, and forgive my typos and misspellings.

So far it’s a fast-paced game. Pretty even, I’d say, though I am a bit biased.

We’re diehard Liverpool FC fans here at LPE, and we’re hoping for good work from our fave players Louis Suarez and Andy Carroll. Already some good efforts on set pieces by Carroll who is strong in the box, and Suarez is FAST!

16 mins in and the Gunners are hitting us hard! A header off a corner hits the crossbar and phew! It’s cleared. Now a penalty and crap we’re looking terrible. Boo.

We get a lucky penalty for a hand to Mirales’ face. Come on, Liverpool! Let’s make something happen. Phew. Reina is looking good.

21:00 Robinson in for Aurelio in the backfield. That makes two teenaged defenders for Liverpool.

23:18 Amaaaaaazing save by Reina. Sheeeeeeeeeeooot this is making me nervous.

Hmmm shady foul against Carroll.

Van Persie shoots off a pass from a set piece but is miles off side.

Foul against Suarez. But we can’t get anything!! And when we do we’re off side. Come on Reds in Black!! Ugh.

28:00 noooo Suarez passes right to Arsenal! Lucky it’s wide right. Goal kick Liverpool.

29:00 yellow card for Flanagan for taking Nasri’s leg out. Boo.

I must say, Liverpool are playing pretty good defence, just wish we weren’t playing so much of it. Save by Reina.

Booooo. Skrtel booked for a shady challenge near the Reds corner. Van Persie wastes a set piece. Lucky us.

Wolcott sends one wide right. 5 goal attempts so far. Liverpool just can’t get it and keep it.

Reina and Van Persie in a race for the ball—squeaks out.

Arsenal are just pounding them in. Lots of dangerous defence going on. Liverpool are LUCKY!

39:00 wow. Liverpool have had it on the Arsenal side for more than 30 seconds, oh spoke too quickly. Ball’s back with Arsenal.

40:30 Suarez gets a break but no support and lots of Arsenal D.

Boo. Liverpool look tired. Come on boys!! Keep it together! Don’t be discouraged!

44:00 foul against Suarez. Let’s see if we can get something out of this penalty. Well, nope. Nothing.

2 minutes of stoppage time.

46:00 Arsenal have a good attempt and are again unlucky. Goal kick By Reina and nothing made of it.

Nil-nil at half.


Half time!! Time for some pics:

Mark shows his Liverpool pride.

Gordon loves the Reds too.


But also easily bored with the lack of action. His favourite player is Gerrard who is out with an injury, and if he’s not playing, Gordon has no interest.


And me, I’m a Carroll fan—

have been for a while now, even before he came to the Reds from Newcastle FC. He’s young, he’s big, and when he’s on he’s very on. Great add.


And we’re back on at Emirates!

Let’s see if we can make anything happen in the 2nd half.

Arsenal still seem really energised. After every ball. They try to set something up but it’s cleared by Liverpool.

48:59 Suarez with something here and is a bit outside. Looking a bit better, gotta keep up the momentum.

Carroll on the ground. Looks like a kick to the ankle. Shoot. Bad blow. Let’s hope he’s not injured. Daglish prepares a replacement. Carroll up and walking but he’s coming off for a moment. No substitute in yet.

Carroll BACK IN!!! (big sigh of relief!!)

53:39 Liverpool passing around up to Suarez and he gets a corner out of the try.

56:00 Carragher is down and it looks serious. Collided heads. Prayers and thoughts to Carragher who is still down.

Heavy blow for Liverpool as Carragher is off safely. Kyrgiakos in for him on defense.

A bit of back and forth now. Clichy kicks towards goal and it’s over and cleared. Van Persie sends it out hoping for a corner but no dice. Assistant has it right. Goal kick out to Andy Carroll. He wins it to Suarez. Good attempt but saved.

68:00 Now Arsenal have a free kick, get nothing out of it.

Again, back and forth.

70:26 Shelvey in for Carroll.

News on Carragher: sitting up and talking, but was out cold for two minutes on the pitch. Good work on the part of the medics.

72:05 substitutions for Arsenal.

Van Persie is just aching for a goal.

Laaaaaaaame game, really nothing going on here.

74:00 Van Persie shoots and saved by Reina.

Liverpool have had a few attempts but nothing as yet.

Now a reckless challenge by Shelvey gets him booked at 75:15.

Kuyt passes to Suarez and he shoots! Nice save by Szczesny. Damn. Stole away by Arsenal. Van Persie shoots away.

Lots of scuffling for the ball. Now it spreads out. Arsenal with the ball. Arshavin sends it in but is cleared. Hmmm.

I must say, Liverpool’s young defense is scrappy and strong.

80:40 Song in for Arsenal.

Liverpool have it. And now they don’t. Can’t keep anything! Kuyt and Suarez are trying to make something of their possessions.

Reina should get an MVP for this game. Van Persie shoots from afar and Reina is there.

Beautiful passing by Arsenal, two shots and Reina is there again!! That was close. Phew!!

Oh no. After some good looking work by Suarez, the ball goes back in Arsenal’s possession.

Penalty against Arsenal, Suarez takes it. Kuyt centres to Suarez who does nothing with it. Disappointing. Methinks that was our last good chance. Here’s hoping we can just keep it nil-nil.

88:15 Shelvey with it now—can they make anything of it? And, the answer is no.

Liverpool forces Arsenal back, are really playing impressive D. Just can’t get any offence.

Now the Gunners have a corner.

8 minutes stoppage time.

Arsenal make nothing of their corner—Song heads it out.

91:27 goal kick for Liverpool. Pepe takes it long.

Again Arsenal striking but Reina has it.

Five minutes left now and it’s as tense as ever.

Come on Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robinson is incredible. Corner by Arsenal goes straight to Reina.

Liverpool have it now and are passing around. Crap, and it’s lost again.

Fabregas with it now. Passing it around.

Crappy crappy terrible late call against Spearing. Ok, a second look and I guess it was a penalty but oh man. No fun.

Van Persie takes a penalty kick. And finds the net. Terrible. Terrible. Yellow card for van Persie for celebrating. Wanker. (sorry I can’t be partial!!)

And a penalty nearly in the Arsenal box. Liverpool have their chance now.

Suarez slams it and Eobue pushes Kuyt in the box. Penalty against Arsenal!!!! What!?!!

Kuyt will take the kick. LIVERPOOL SCOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!!!! 102 minute!! Crazy!

And it’s over. Wow wow wow wow wow.

Dramatic finish. Wowowowow. All penalties aside, it was a well-matched game. Extraordinary defense for Liverpool’s youngsters in back. Nice effort by Arsenal’s offense.

Ok. Enough from me, I’m off to watch the post game commentary.


I went home this weekend, to to be with my family and to see friends. I needed a mini-break, as they say in England. A small vay-cay. Some R&R.

I traveled home to remember what wide-open spaces look like when you’re driving on a lonely highway and you can see that point way out in the distance where the earth meets the sky.

And to remember what the cool, clear, fresh air smells like, almost minty and piny and cold in your lungs, but then warm. Spring in Wyoming means five different weather patterns in four hours—pouring rain, gale-force winds, blizzard snow (it didn’t stick, but it came down with a fury), beaming sun, and sad grumpy drear.

It felt good to be there, surrounded by things I know, people I love, small moments here and there that reminded me where I came from and why I am who I am.

I am eternally grateful, and immensely blessed.

But on my way back, I caught myself saying I was going home. “Oh, it will be good to be back home,” I said. But hadn’t I just come from home? Is Massachusetts now my home (say it ain’t so!)? Can I have two homes? Or three? Or four? Not actual buildings, but spaces—or feelings of all-is-ok-ness, one-ness, whole-ness. Is that what I meant by “going home”?

What is home? Where is it? Or who?

Before leaving for college, my parents told me no matter where I roamed, Wyoming would always be my home—Wyoming, my native land of the vast sky and big prairie. Snow in all seasons and drive-up liquor stores. Fly-fishermen and eagles on fence-posts. Mountains, streams, and antelope. I left Wyoming to see something new, to go someplace with “less dirt”. To widen my mind and my purview.

When I got to Mount Holyoke, home was where my bed was—

every year in a different place on campus, each room a special place for me and my thoughts, my books, my music. I felt good there, like I belonged. Like I was intrinsically connected to the place and the people there with me, those who came before me, and those who would come after me. Each year was new and different.

shannie, 1st year roommate. we broke the light. thelma & me.

But every late August, when I stepped back on campus, I felt like I was right where I needed to be. Soon I’d see my friends and we’d fall right back where we left off the previous year. It was a place of shared experiences, of self-seeking, of togetherness.

Then during the summer I went back to “home-home” as I called it. Back again to Wyoming, to my family, my room, my bed, my dogs.

My first job out of college was really when I first set up my own space that was really and truly mine, my new apartment. My walls, my kitchen, my art space.

And now Mark and I have a home here, in Watertown,

with our dog, our bed, our pictures.

I’m at home with Mark, in his hug. With his laugh and warm smile.

We feel good here, all together, “at home” in our 1200 square feet of room, and beyond that space the life we’ve shaped with one another.

All of this, and yet still I’m not certain. What IS home?

Is it a warm blanket? a friendly hug? where your family lives? where everyone knows your name? Could be… Surely it isn’t only the things around you, in your life, or the space they fill. Is it the people? Or is it just where you are, in that moment? And there, could it be many places?

Perhaps the answer is that home is where you are, where I am, where we are together, and that home will be ever-changing, ever-moving, because life is ever-changing, ever-moving. And in that movement will always be a constant space where we feel good, we feel like our true selves, we feel like we’re whole. And all those spaces will always be there, waiting for us.

I feel good knowing this. I feel calm. I feel at ease.

Welcome to all our lovely new subscribers! And thanks for stopping by. We’re so glad to have you here.

A very special welcome to reader Amy, who wins our snail mail note writing grab bag for being our 5th Subscriber. Seeing as Amy is a writer, I do believe this grab bag may be right up her alley.

Also, boo. Boo to this stupid weather. If you’re on the East Coast today, you’re probably experiencing some nasty sort of spring storm. Just west of here they’re getting up to a foot of snow. Yuck. We’ll get about 2 inches of rain. But I heard there were tornadoes in Florida? Be safe, Floridians!

It’s March 31. What happened to March going out like a lamb? I think it came in like some sort of dolt cow and is going out like a raging bull.

I made this springy Etsy treasury listing a few weeks back that was purely wishful thinking, but I think it still applies, sadly.

O spring! Come soon, please, and rescue us from this droll weary gray world.



I haven’t written in ages! I’m terrible. I’m the worst ever. I say this every time, too. But really I think this must be the longest time without a post. Three months? Bennett! Bad! BAD!

Last time I wrote it was almost Christmas. Now it’s almost Easter… well, almost. We’ve seen a whole season come and go and not a post on anything. Not a one about being tired of snow (And lots of snow did we have – holy cow! Something like 39 inches?) or exploring new places (the Art & Architecture Tour at the Boston Public Library is a hidden gem). No news on our Year of Bread baking challenge (Did you know we haven’t bought bread in THREE MONTHS!? We’ve baked every bit of bread we’ve eaten this winter!) All this including the sad fact that we’ve had zero giveaways, and NO pictures of Gordon. Sad face.

And I wish I could write more today but I have to-dos and projects I’ve been putting off and MUST get to them. I know, I know. You may say, “Isn’t this a project you’ve been putting off?” and yes, it most certainly is and I feel terribly about it. Not just because I’ve been neglecting the blog and my readers, but in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve been putting it (and my other to-dos and projects) off because I’ve been a lazy bear. Very lazy. Winter got me bad and I’ve just been a bum. Watched too much TV, and really, it’s all been filth. I am no better for it. Shame on me. Shame on me and the time I’ve wasted.

But don’t you worry. It’s spring! The sun is out longer and fills me with all kinds of happiness and spirit and inspiration. I’ll be back and better than ever very soon, with lots of newsy posts chock full of happy happiness, food making, artsy fartsy goodness, and all other things LPE.

So until then, I leave you with two things:

1. A picture of Gordon – because that’s why you drop by LPE, right? To see Gordon’s sweet cheeks, and NOT because every time I write a new post and hit PUBLISH a little link pops up on Facebook and Twitter and that urge to click on a link comes over you and you click without thinking.

NO, you come here of your own volition, I know it.

And 2:

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Wahey! We’re (nearly) back!

It’s a tree full of fond memories–ornaments given lovingly by mummys and daddies, grammas and grandpas, aunties and uncles and dear dear friends. Some hand made in grade school or purchased on vacations both nearby and far far away. Some old and some new. Our life on a tree. Beautiful.

Would that it was snowing right this moment, blanketing the world with the fluffy, white, winter-y stuff.  I would go outside with Gordon and Mark and make tracks and angels and snowballs.

It is not actually snowing here in Boston town, nor is it in the forecast (although I’m sure we’re in for a good Nor’Easter soon.  It is, after all, New England).  Yet it is snowing here on L.P.E.  A beautiful quiet whisper of snow coming down ever so softly. The snow on L.P.E. is not cold and doesn’t blow away.  It doesn’t sting your face and you can’t catch it on your tongue.  But my hope is that it conjures up good feelings and leaves you thinking fondly of winter white holidays and happy childhood memories.  And hopefully it makes you smile.

Snow snow snow snow SNOOOOOOW.

It won’t be long before we’ll all be there with snow

I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

I long to clear a path and lift a spade of snow…
Oh, to see a great big man entirely made of snow

Where it’s snowing
All winter through
That’s where I want to be

Snowball throwing
That’s what I’ll do

How I’m longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh

Those glist’ning houses that seem to be built of snow

Oh, to see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow

What is Christmas with no snow
No white Christmas with no snow

I’ll soon be there with snow

I’ll wash my hair with snow
And with a spade of snow
I’ll build a man that’s made of snow
I’d love to stay up with you but I recommend a little shuteye
Go to sleep

And dream … Of snow.

Hmmm… Me thinks it’s time for a giveaway!

Write your favorite snow memory in the comments, and I’ll send one lucky reader a sweet little surprise!



(The lyrics and song “Snow”, from the movie White Christmas, are © 1953, Erving Berlin)


Is this a mess, or just part of the creative process?



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