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I’m bored. I’m waiting for images to upload into the yearbook.  Amongst other things, I make the yearbook for HLS.  Fun!  Silly.  High school all over again.  ANYHOW.  Whilst waiting, let’s play a game.  I’ll start us off with a character in a few sentences.  Everyone who wants to play should read the last comment made and add to the story line with a few sentences, paragraphs, words, thoughts, whatever you have time/interest for.  I will pull all comments up to the main blog body… maybe not explaining correctly but hopefully people will play along and you’ll get the idea.

Let us begin:

(APBR) Charlie Goode was a charming old soul who lived on the top of a hill.  He liked striped socks and crumpets and eating boxes of Snowcaps.  Every day he would walk down the hill to… (MWR)…feed his dozen sheep. As a boy, Charlie had always dreamed of owning a sheep farm. When he had the chance to buy the property at the top of the hill a few years earlier, he jumped at it, knowing the fields below and the meandering stream that encircled the land would be perfect for a flock. What Charlie wanted more than anything was to…



June 2023

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