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Today has been rough… and really, I’m just complaining here.  But we’re trying to plan this wedding thing (oh, that thing? that silly little thing? that wedding thing?) and the rooms and the catering and the this and the that and all this stuff that Mark and I really don’t care about is just getting to me.  Price structures and tents and space and cake and blah blah blah!  What we really want is a BBQ.  And frisbees.  And two (two? make it THREE!) kegs of really great beer… and maybe some wine (more wine!) and some good food and good friends and family and the mountains THE MOUNTAINS! and no rain (or maybe a little rain…)!  That’s what we want.  And well, anyway, all the NOT what we want is just getting to me, and freaking me out.  And my dress, I’m telling you, JCrew you are dead.  But anyhow.  My lovely Mark sent me this to make me smile.  And it did.

This warms my heart.  And makes me laugh.

I Heart Guts!.  The idea is fabulous in itself, and is–in itself–a concept that makes me smile and laugh out loud.  But what I really love is this:  the UTERUS PLUSH RECALL!  Oh no!  They’ve recalled the Uterus!  I wish they’d recall my uterus some days… but this is the best… .

“The ovaries may be pulled off and become a choking hazard.”  HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!  How cute and funny and sweet.  What an adorable company, both in what they sell but also in how they’ve handled what could be a very scary thing.  With humor and humility, and care for the consumer.  See this blog (their blog) about the whole mishap.  Great reading.  Love it. Love it.



May 2023

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