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Good morning! It’s 4:30am EST and I’m up, showered, and ready to watch the main event.

I’m up with my trusty sidekick Gordon, and we’re liveblogging our view of the pre-wedding fun from our couch here in Watertown. (Mark will join us in a bit… He was up late watching the NFL draft.)

It looks like a lovely morning in London. There’s a huuuuuuge crowd outside Buckingham Palace! I’m so amazed. It’s fun to be up this early. I know my mom is awake (at 2:30am!) in Wyoming to watch. And my friends are up all over Boston.

It’s such a fairy tale. And I can’t help but feel as I and all those millions of other people watching are connected in some way by having gotten up early in our part of the world and watching this all together. I remember my mom saying she woke up early to see Diana marry Charles and then when William was born and brought out on the balcony for the world to see.

Ooooo Posh and Becks have arrived and look smashing. David has a top hat and a Windsor knot AND a medal! And Victoria is wearing a fancy navy dress of her own design and a sweet little hat. Smile, Posh!

The hats, I must say, are fabulous. I’ve seen festooned and flowered ones, and one shaped like some weird pea pod thing. Steven Jones hats and Philip Treacy fascinators.

I’m watching on CNN and the commentary is really funny. Pierce Morgan is great and Richard Quest is hilarious. BTW the buses are not to be called buses, but officially they are COACHES. haha. Oh, you British and your funny names. Pierce keeps chiding Anderson Cooper for wearing a lounge suit and not getting the memo about the morning suit.

Aaaaaand Sir Elton John is here with his partner David Fernish. The crowds out everywhere have little periscopes so to see everything over the head of everyone else.

And there’s the Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife. She looks plain. But it’s a nice change from some of the tacky hats. One blue naughty looking one I saw on a woman with a fresh nose job. Hmm. Don’t think the Queen would approve!

So fun! Hmmm. I’m hungry. Off to find a snack.

Ok back now.

The cameras have moved to view outside Clarence House, which is of course, Prince William and Prince Harry’s house. oooo there they are!! William is wearing his red Irish guard uniform! Harry is in a black uniform. They’re waving to crowds as their car passes down the mall along the procession route. Hopefully Harry hasn’t forgotten the ring. Fun! It’s really happening now!

Oh and this just in, Wills gave Kate a special wedding gift of a signet ring with his crest on it. How sweet.

Here comes the car! Almost there! The crowds are fantastic. Lined up everywhere. Prince William and Prince Harry have arrived at Westminster Abbey. He looks so nervous! Poor guy.

I love the trees in the Abbey. So pretty.

Ok. I think I might have to stop now. Don’t want to take my eyes off the tv now. Too much to see and miss!

Have fun everyone! Enjoy such a lovely day 🙂

And Congratulations to William and Catherine! Many joys to you!


• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •

The ceremony is over now and it was just lovely. Music was pretty and o my Catherine looked so gorgeous. Her dress is just beautiful and her in it, wow. So classic. A real beauty. She wore (and is still wearing) the special halo tiara, a gift to the Queen Mother from King George, before he was crowned. Kate is borrowing as a gift from Queen Elizabeth. Her veil was so lovely. And her sister Pippa’s dress was beautiful. Such a pretty cut and line. Modern yet classic. Everything about the wedding was just that — a nod to history in a modern time.

Now everyone is waiting for the families and the couple to come out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace for “the kiss”. They make such a nice couple. So sweet.

All during the ceremony and in their carriage ride along the procession, you could see them mouthing little exchanges during the wedding, private moments in such a public day. Those were my favourite moments from my wedding, the private whispers between Mark and me amongst the crazy of the day, and if I have one wish for Kate and Will, it is that they remember those moments all their lives.

Tut tut, now I must go to work. I’ll be recording all the fun on the dvr and will watch it later. What a nice way, though, to start my day and weekend.

Hooray for Catherine and William! Huzzah!



June 2023

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