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It’s Sunday morning, 11 am and you know what that means: premier League Football. And we’ve got a fantastic game on this morning—Liverpool FC at Arsenal. The Reds are NOT in red however, wearing their black kits today and looking sharp. let’s start the live blogging! I’ll try my best to keep the game updated, and forgive my typos and misspellings.

So far it’s a fast-paced game. Pretty even, I’d say, though I am a bit biased.

We’re diehard Liverpool FC fans here at LPE, and we’re hoping for good work from our fave players Louis Suarez and Andy Carroll. Already some good efforts on set pieces by Carroll who is strong in the box, and Suarez is FAST!

16 mins in and the Gunners are hitting us hard! A header off a corner hits the crossbar and phew! It’s cleared. Now a penalty and crap we’re looking terrible. Boo.

We get a lucky penalty for a hand to Mirales’ face. Come on, Liverpool! Let’s make something happen. Phew. Reina is looking good.

21:00 Robinson in for Aurelio in the backfield. That makes two teenaged defenders for Liverpool.

23:18 Amaaaaaazing save by Reina. Sheeeeeeeeeeooot this is making me nervous.

Hmmm shady foul against Carroll.

Van Persie shoots off a pass from a set piece but is miles off side.

Foul against Suarez. But we can’t get anything!! And when we do we’re off side. Come on Reds in Black!! Ugh.

28:00 noooo Suarez passes right to Arsenal! Lucky it’s wide right. Goal kick Liverpool.

29:00 yellow card for Flanagan for taking Nasri’s leg out. Boo.

I must say, Liverpool are playing pretty good defence, just wish we weren’t playing so much of it. Save by Reina.

Booooo. Skrtel booked for a shady challenge near the Reds corner. Van Persie wastes a set piece. Lucky us.

Wolcott sends one wide right. 5 goal attempts so far. Liverpool just can’t get it and keep it.

Reina and Van Persie in a race for the ball—squeaks out.

Arsenal are just pounding them in. Lots of dangerous defence going on. Liverpool are LUCKY!

39:00 wow. Liverpool have had it on the Arsenal side for more than 30 seconds, oh spoke too quickly. Ball’s back with Arsenal.

40:30 Suarez gets a break but no support and lots of Arsenal D.

Boo. Liverpool look tired. Come on boys!! Keep it together! Don’t be discouraged!

44:00 foul against Suarez. Let’s see if we can get something out of this penalty. Well, nope. Nothing.

2 minutes of stoppage time.

46:00 Arsenal have a good attempt and are again unlucky. Goal kick By Reina and nothing made of it.

Nil-nil at half.


Half time!! Time for some pics:

Mark shows his Liverpool pride.

Gordon loves the Reds too.


But also easily bored with the lack of action. His favourite player is Gerrard who is out with an injury, and if he’s not playing, Gordon has no interest.


And me, I’m a Carroll fan—

have been for a while now, even before he came to the Reds from Newcastle FC. He’s young, he’s big, and when he’s on he’s very on. Great add.


And we’re back on at Emirates!

Let’s see if we can make anything happen in the 2nd half.

Arsenal still seem really energised. After every ball. They try to set something up but it’s cleared by Liverpool.

48:59 Suarez with something here and is a bit outside. Looking a bit better, gotta keep up the momentum.

Carroll on the ground. Looks like a kick to the ankle. Shoot. Bad blow. Let’s hope he’s not injured. Daglish prepares a replacement. Carroll up and walking but he’s coming off for a moment. No substitute in yet.

Carroll BACK IN!!! (big sigh of relief!!)

53:39 Liverpool passing around up to Suarez and he gets a corner out of the try.

56:00 Carragher is down and it looks serious. Collided heads. Prayers and thoughts to Carragher who is still down.

Heavy blow for Liverpool as Carragher is off safely. Kyrgiakos in for him on defense.

A bit of back and forth now. Clichy kicks towards goal and it’s over and cleared. Van Persie sends it out hoping for a corner but no dice. Assistant has it right. Goal kick out to Andy Carroll. He wins it to Suarez. Good attempt but saved.

68:00 Now Arsenal have a free kick, get nothing out of it.

Again, back and forth.

70:26 Shelvey in for Carroll.

News on Carragher: sitting up and talking, but was out cold for two minutes on the pitch. Good work on the part of the medics.

72:05 substitutions for Arsenal.

Van Persie is just aching for a goal.

Laaaaaaaame game, really nothing going on here.

74:00 Van Persie shoots and saved by Reina.

Liverpool have had a few attempts but nothing as yet.

Now a reckless challenge by Shelvey gets him booked at 75:15.

Kuyt passes to Suarez and he shoots! Nice save by Szczesny. Damn. Stole away by Arsenal. Van Persie shoots away.

Lots of scuffling for the ball. Now it spreads out. Arsenal with the ball. Arshavin sends it in but is cleared. Hmmm.

I must say, Liverpool’s young defense is scrappy and strong.

80:40 Song in for Arsenal.

Liverpool have it. And now they don’t. Can’t keep anything! Kuyt and Suarez are trying to make something of their possessions.

Reina should get an MVP for this game. Van Persie shoots from afar and Reina is there.

Beautiful passing by Arsenal, two shots and Reina is there again!! That was close. Phew!!

Oh no. After some good looking work by Suarez, the ball goes back in Arsenal’s possession.

Penalty against Arsenal, Suarez takes it. Kuyt centres to Suarez who does nothing with it. Disappointing. Methinks that was our last good chance. Here’s hoping we can just keep it nil-nil.

88:15 Shelvey with it now—can they make anything of it? And, the answer is no.

Liverpool forces Arsenal back, are really playing impressive D. Just can’t get any offence.

Now the Gunners have a corner.

8 minutes stoppage time.

Arsenal make nothing of their corner—Song heads it out.

91:27 goal kick for Liverpool. Pepe takes it long.

Again Arsenal striking but Reina has it.

Five minutes left now and it’s as tense as ever.

Come on Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robinson is incredible. Corner by Arsenal goes straight to Reina.

Liverpool have it now and are passing around. Crap, and it’s lost again.

Fabregas with it now. Passing it around.

Crappy crappy terrible late call against Spearing. Ok, a second look and I guess it was a penalty but oh man. No fun.

Van Persie takes a penalty kick. And finds the net. Terrible. Terrible. Yellow card for van Persie for celebrating. Wanker. (sorry I can’t be partial!!)

And a penalty nearly in the Arsenal box. Liverpool have their chance now.

Suarez slams it and Eobue pushes Kuyt in the box. Penalty against Arsenal!!!! What!?!!

Kuyt will take the kick. LIVERPOOL SCOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!!!!!!! 102 minute!! Crazy!

And it’s over. Wow wow wow wow wow.

Dramatic finish. Wowowowow. All penalties aside, it was a well-matched game. Extraordinary defense for Liverpool’s youngsters in back. Nice effort by Arsenal’s offense.

Ok. Enough from me, I’m off to watch the post game commentary.




June 2023

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